Inbound Hotline

Extremely scalable emergency info hotline

Has your school ever had an emergency and 100s or even 1000s of people began calling your switchboards?  How did your phone system handle the flood of calls?  How did your staff handle it?

e2Campus Hotline™ is a massively scaled phone service that answers 1000s of simultaneous calls without callers hearing a busy signal or putting callers on hold.  Free up your own telephone lines so you can communicate with your team when you need to most. Hotline gives your school a cloud-based voicemail box where callers can retrieve your latest emergency messages.

Use Hotline proactively or reactively 24/7, whenever you need to inform people of critical news or information, but don’t have the phone network capacity, operations, or staff to handle 100s or 1000s of calls per minute.

For those subscribers unable to receive your emergency alerts (not near a public alerting system or have no cell phone signal), they can retrieve your emergency message simply by calling your Hotline if they have a phone in a classroom, office or home.

For those individuals not subscribed to your emergency alerts (concerned parents or neighboring community), it provides a way for them call in and retrieve your emergency message at their own convenience, without burdening your school’s own telephone network.

Use Hotline as a failover if your own phone system is down and you need a way to communicate a message to everyone of the downed system’s status.

How It Works

Hotline messages are instantly generated in the e2Campus uAlert console from either text-to-speech alerts or pre-recorded voice messages. The dispatcher of an alert simply checks “Hotline” as a recipient and the message can be heard on your e2Campus Hotline immediately after issuing the alert. A second alert can be sent to Hotline only, which contains more detailed information that can’t fit in a text message or digital sign.

This is an ideal tool for ongoing emergency management, crisis communication, business continuity, disaster recovery, and maintaining continuity of operations (COOP).

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