“Ease of use” is paramount to user acceptance

The e2Campus uAlert notification system allows non-technical users to administer, manage or receive time-sensitive campus notifications. We believe that if a system has too many steps to implement, then it will be a barrier to success for your school’s goals. e2Campus, above all, is easy to use.

Benefits for School Administrators:

Is Easy to Use
Protects Students & Staff
Enforces Clery Act
Supports HEOA Compliance
Delivers Instantly
Performs Reliably
Conveniently Reduces Tasks
Is Affordably Priced
Sets Up Easily

Benefits for Students & Staff:

Easy to use

Benefits for School Administrators

Easy to Use

e2Campus uAlert was designed for non-technical users – both administrators and students. Every step of the registration process is self-explanatory, so no training is required of students and little training is needed for school administrators.

Protect Students and Staff

e2Campus uAlert can quickly alert students and staff with specific information to increase public safety no matter where they are – on and off campus. No standalone siren, email system, or phone dialer can do this. School officials can keep students and staff out of harms way, whether it be dangerous road conditions, a criminal at large, or a chemical spill.

Enforce Clery Act

“e2Campus is a practical way to protect students on or off campus by issuing a Clery Act Timely Warning,” explains Catherine Bath, Former Executive Director of Security On Campus, Inc. in 2006. e2Campus can help satisfy Clery Act requirements by alerting students to crimes in progress or still at large, unlike posting crime reports on a web page or newspaper that few people ever review.

Supports HEOA 2008 Compliance

e2Campus is a necessary tool to support compliance of the Higher Education Opportunity Act of 2008, however it is up to the school to use e2Campus correctly to fully satisfy the requirements. No one tool complies with HEOA by itself.

Deliver Instantly

e2Campus uAlert sends as fast as 80,000 SMS text messages every minute. Emails broadcast as fast as 120,000 emails per minute. Voice alerts broadcast as fast as 50,000 calls per minute for a 30-second long voice message and 30,000 calls per minute for a 60-second voice message. e2Campus utilizes advanced throttling technology to automatically avoid overwhelming your voice network.

Performs Reliably

e2Campus SMS notifications reach subscribers even if wired and wireless networks are jammed with callers. During a crisis when voice and data networks are all jammed, the small size of a SMS text message alert goes through first. Traditional telephone systems will become jammed during high volume, so students will likely not receive a recorded message in a timely manner. Email systems will suffer the same fate, because the Internet will slow during high traffic and result in emails being delivered much later than they were sent. School web pages and entire web sites may also become un-viewable during high traffic volume. Additionally, traditional telephones, emails and web pages assume that the student is standing by his/her home phone or actively looking at his/her email or web page when the message is sent, which is unlikely in the highly-mobile lifestyle of a college student.

Conveniently Reduce Tasks

e2Campus uAlert is convenient, because one person can send one alert that is sent to everyone on all delivery mechanisms. Using the e2Campus uAlert unified interface, you effectively eliminate all these steps:

  • Don’t need to personally compose and send an email blast
  • Never need to personally contact the webmaster to update the web site accordingly
  • Don’t need to personally contact the radio station to make an announcement
  • Never need to personally contact the school newspaper to get on the story
  • Don’t need to personally turn on the fire alarm or other siren system
  • Never need to personally record a message on a phone dialer to call all students and faculty
  • or worse, never need to initiate a human phone tree ever again

Affordably Priced

e2Campus uAlert is a fraction of the cost of older, larger, more complicated systems that involve hardware, software, network upgrades, migration paths, labor, etc. There are no activation fees or hidden charges.

Sets Up Easily

e2Campus uAlert is 100% web-based, so there is no hardware or software to buy and install. Unlike other systems that take weeks to install or integrate, e2Campus uAlert can be setup in 30 minutes. With SmartCode™, simply cut and paste a line of code into a new or existing web page to create a registration form or to display the actual notifications. This means there is no new system to create and students don’t have to go to an unknown third-party site to start the registration process.

Benefits for Students & Staff


e2Campus uAlert delivers messages in the manner that recipients need to receive it. Students prefer SMS text messages. Faculty prefer to hear an alert over the PA system. Staff prefer to get a phone call. Visitors need to read it on a digital sign or hear it on an outdoor loudspeaker.


It delivers notifications wherever subscribers are located at the time of the announcement, because they most likely carry their mobile phone with them wherever they go.

Easy to use

Subscribers receive notifications without doing anything, unlike flipping through TV stations or operating a computer.


It delivers these important notifications within seconds of the official announcement.


Subscribers receive up-to-date news even when the news changes, so they’ll never get outdated news unlike if they turned off the TV, radio or computer too soon.


Subscribers receive detailed information so they know exactly what is going on and can reference that info on the go.
Find out how other schools are using e2Campus in addition to public safety alerts.

Top Additional Uses for e2Campus uAlert

Besides acting as a public safety tool, e2Campus uAlert can be utilized to send notifications to students, faculty, staff, alumni, parents, prospective students, vendors, visitors, media and more for:

  1. Traffic advisories
  2. Changes in school hours
  3. Parking changes
  4. Scheduled maintenance closings

You simply create a group for each interest and let your subscribers decide which alerts to opt-in to receive. Determine which pricing plan is right for your school.

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