ENS Conversion Service

Not all emergency notification systems are created equal. We know there are a lot of schools out there that bought a notification system only to discover it did not perform as promised.

We also know it can be tough to get students to register for emergency alerts. If you are going to upgrade to e2Campus uAlert, you do not want to lose all the valuable data you have collected from the previous system. It was hard enough getting it the first time.

With our ENS Conversion Service, you can upload vetted data from your existing emergency notification system into e2Campus uAlert at no extra charge. Under the program, e2Campus will waive the requirement for subscriber opt-in and waive the fee for an e2Campus technical engineer to manage the database uploads.

Why wait for another emergency to happen before initiating e2Campus uAlert? Schedule a demonstration to discover how easy and affordable e2Campus is for your school. You could be protecting your students as soon as today – really.

More schools are upgrading to the reliability and service that only e2Campus can offer

“I would also like to add that the implementation phase was as quick and easy as advertised. Your company has been very helpful and the entire process was smooth and painless. It is always nice to see a company and a product deliver things that they promise, and to date your company has done just that.”

Keith Bitter,
Sr. Web Services Admin
University of Toledo

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