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Yale University releases campus safety report


Yale University releases campus safety report


On December 4, 2012, officials with Yale University released a campus safety report that highlighted numerous safety issues. According to Cross Campus, university administrators found that nine reported crimes occurred on or near Yale's campus during the 2012-2013 academic year. However, Yale Police Chief Ronnell Higgins noted that the biggest concern regarded inadequate lighting around campus.

All undergraduates were provided with a crowdsourcing Google Document on November 13, 2012, so they could provide direct feedback about campus safety issues. John Gonzalez, the president of the Yale College Council (YCC), said the report could help strengthen campus safety.

"[YCC members] have been in constant contact with Chief Higgins," Gonzalez told the news source. "We thought what would be the most effective thing for our relationship moving forward would be to compile a campus safety report that he and the [Yale Police Department] could look through and begin addressing."

A portion of the report was dedicated to alcohol safety, and school administrators said several students commented about the university's focus on discipline. These students said that they felt the school's current alcohol safety policies dissuade them from getting medical attention.

At Indiana University, parents, teachers and students recently discussed measures that could help enhance campus safety. The Journal and Courier reports that the meetings were held in response to the disappearance of university freshman Lauren Spierer, who was last seen partying with friends in Bloomington, Indiana, on June 3, 2011.

Spierer's parents also participated in the campus safety sessions. Students offered several suggestions, including an improved night shuttle service and a buddy system for students who travel at night.

"In a school of 40,000, it's so easy to feel alone. That's not how it should be," Julianne Howell, an 18-year-old student at the university, told the newspaper.

College and university students face numerous dangers, but effective crisis communications systems like uAlert by e2Campus can help them stay safe. uAlert is a cloud-based messaging platform that allows school officials to quickly notify parents and students during emergencies. This system can contact up to 30,000 people per minute and send messages through email accounts, Facebook and Twitter, thus enabling college and university administrators to instantly provide important information to large groups.

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