Anonymous Tipping

Bust Bullies

Prevent and solve crimes faster.
Stop bullying in its tracks.

Harness the power of your students.

The uTip bully deterrent system is easy to set up and deploy in minutes.

uTip combines TECHNOLOGY with PSYCHOLOGY to deter and decrease bullying at school. Once your uTip account is set up within the e2Campus platform, you simply create a uTip Keyword. Students text this keyword to discreetly report a bullying incident from a mobile phone. No apps, no software, no databases, and no IT involvement needed.

Your school’s unique uTip Keyword should be promoted throughout the school on posters and flyers, making it easy for students to access and remember. It also serves as a reminder to bullies that 100s of eyes are watching and can report bad behavior discreetly and immediately from wherever. We provide multiple poster templates customized with your keyword that you can print instantly at your school or you can choose to make your own poster designs.

You can also decide what personnel should receive the uTips. They are instantly delivered via SMS (text message) or email. And because uTip works with over 60 different carriers, you can be confident the messages will get through.

uTips are also collected in your e2Campus web admin account and mobile admin portal, making it easy to monitor and manage your program.

To learn more about uTip, go to Bully-Buster.com or sign up for a personal demonstration today.

If you are ready to learn more or activate uTip in your e2Campus account, please contact us to get started!

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