Compare e2Campus

When you compare the advantages of e2Campus uAlert to other methods of delivering advisories, nothing comes close.

Requirement e2Campus ENS Vendors
Live Network Status
Send message to SMS (text message)
Send message to Email
Send message to Voice Line
Send message to Digital Signage
Send message to RSS
Send message to Web Page
Send message to Facebook
Send message to Twitter
Send message to Alertus Beacons
Send message to Desktop Alerts
Send message to Public Address Systems
Send message to Blue Light Call Boxes
Create message templates
Geo-dispersed datacenters
Tier-1 Emergency Notification Provider (Frost & Sullivan)
Has Telecommunications Service Priority (TSP) – FCC Authorized
Uses SEED (Single Entry Email Delivery) to prevent bouncebacks from school’s mail server
100% U.S. based live technical support for admins 24x7x366
Uses multiple Short Codes to send “True” or “Priority SMS”
Easily interfaces with most student systems
Emergency messages can be sent to multiple endpoints simultaneously
Unlimited use pricing
User information can be uploaded
System can be up and running in under 10 minutes
Can access data from existing student database
Integrates with Shibboleth
Common Alerting Protocol (CAP) & FEMA IPAWS Compliant
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