How it works

So easy to use, you could be sending alerts today

e2Campus uAlert is a cloud-based system offering a centralized interface that allows non-technical users to self-administer and manage time-sensitive communications to parents, teachers, staff, students, security, first responders, volunteers, media and others.

Powered by the Omnilert Network, e2Campus uAlert works by sending an omnilert to all communication devices and services: mobile phones (via SMS text messages), traditional phones (voice messages), desktop alerts, email accounts, web site pages, as well as existing infrastructure such as digital signage, PA systems and alert beacons across the school. Your alerts will also simultaneously reach popular social media sites such as Facebook and Twitter.

How to Start Sending Alerts in 30 Minutes or Less:

  1. Receive an ID and password from e2Campus
  2. Invite or upload subscribers
  3. Type and send alerts

e2Campus uAlert allows a school administrator(s) to send a message to ten or tens of thousands of people within minutes – without having to call anyone at e2Campus. Messages can be initiated from anywhere via the web or net-connected phone. Optionally, you can call us 24/7 to send an alert on your behalf.

The e2Campus uAlert web interface allows Administrators to setup accounts and groups, create registration forms and bulletin boards, send advisories, manage subscribers, and view reports.

Subscribers can self-manage their accounts to register or deactivate the service, update phone numbers or email addresses, and join available groups.

Because e2Campus uAlert is completely web-based, it will not clog up your own IT infrastructure, nor will it require many man-hours to install, integrate, and operate. And, you do not need additional phone lines for the system to work. e2Campus can offer a toll-free phone number to handle first-level and second-level technical support issues, should the need arise.

Here is a list of all the features you will get with e2Campus.

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