User Management

Database Integration & User Management

e2Campus offers the most user management options available in the industry.

SmartSync – automated FTP synchs with your SIS or LMS

Through our easy, automated, and secure FTP process called SmartSync, you can batch upload user data from most SIS and LMS providers including Blackboard, PowerSchool, Datatel, Peoplesoft, Sungard and many more Student Information Systems (SIS), Course Management Systems (CMS), Learning Management Systems (LMS), and Virtual Learning Environments (VLE). See the complete list of system vendors supported on the right side of this page.

Opt-Out Mode – you bulk upload users and let them quit

Although we recommend the opt-in approach, you can upload all database contact information of individual recipients to speed implementation. This optional setting switches the system into Opt-Out mode, which bypasses validation and instead sends your community a text message saying “You have been registered into our emergency alert system…” and includes instruction on how to opt-out. The Opt-Out Manager offers a simple, streamlined process within the e2Campus console to enable near 100 percent participation in the emergency alerting system. It walks your administrator through the steps to import the recipient data, send a registration alert, collect opt-out users, list bad data for resolution, and store the information for reporting later.

Opt-In Mode – users manage themselves via signup form

Within minutes of opening your account, you can insert a dynamic Sign-Up Form on your own website for lighting fast implementation and greater user acceptance and adoption. Participants that opt-in to e2Campus this way go through a quick realtime validation, which if done manually via upload could take much longer. Real-time validation during opt-in proves:

  1. User can operate device
  2. Device accepts SMS
  3. True identity
  4. Correct number
  5. Correct carrier

Mobile Opt-In - users join by texting your group

This functionality allows parents, students, faculty, staff and others to subscribe their mobile phone to receive your alerts by simply texting your school’s keyword to the e2Campus short code, 79516. Each school can reserve their own custom account keyword and group keywords so that their users may subscribe from anywhere, anytime. Mobile opt-in does not collect names or e-mail addresses for subscribers, so it may not be the right method for all schools.

Single Sign On – leverage LDAP, Active Directory, or Shibboleth

e2Campus supports the most popular single sign-on protocols in education including LDAP, Active Directory, or Shibboleth. Shibboleth® single sign-on platform combined with Omnilert’s participation in the InCommon® Federation, means that existing Shibboleth-enabled organizations will immediately benefit from e2Campus’ enhanced user management and single sign-on convenience without additional integration. Single sign-on capabilities enable users to leverage their home institution’s login credentials to jump from one secure online application to another without having to set up and then remember multiple passwords for each resource they use.

Auto Opt-Out – automatically updates based on user preferences

The database can automatically remove a person from e2Campus notifications with user-defined expiration dates. Of course individual subscribers can remove themselves at anytime and the Administrator of the service can remove any subscriber at any time.

Mobile Opt-Out - users quit by texting your group

This function enables any user to quit receiving your alerts (i.e opt-out) by simply replying to your alert with “STOP” or by sending a text message to your group.

User Management API – your custom software/UI manages the users

This Application Programming Interface by e2Campus allows your school to develop your own custom software and/or interface to manage users in the e2Campus system.

SmartCode™ – displays key functions of the system within your site

Simply cut and paste a line of code into your new or existing school web page to create your registration, access point, or to display the actual notifications. One line of SmartCode inserted into your site creates a registration page without forcing the subscriber to leave your site. Another line of SmartCode, called the Bulletin Board or Website Widget, can display the actual alert content on any web page. This means there is no new system to create and your subscribers don’t have to jump to a third-party site to start the process. What could be easier than that?

NetID Match – forces your community to use previously assigned credentials

During the subscriber signup process, e2Campus can automatically insert your school’s existing username/password from LDAP, Active Directory, or UserID for a subscriber into the e2Campus signup form. Simply place the signup form within your intranet and the form can automatically capture this information so users cannot input data that is different from your existing database.

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