Mass Notification Systems

The #1 mass notification system

The e2Campus unified mass notification system was developed in 2003 when the company founders heard a story about a young female student who was horrifically raped and murdered in her dorm room in 1986. The story revealed if she had known about a criminal on campus, her murder may have been prevented.

This inspired e2Campus co-founders to develop a better way to keep everyone safe and connected. Now 800+ schools depend on our mass notification systems. Parent company Omnilert supports 13,000+ organizations – each brand with feature modifications to better suit each market’s needs. Which is best for you?

Mass Notification Systems for Pre-K and K12

Public and private school districts, independent schools, and daycares can all access the most effective solution to keep parents informed.  Cost is based on each school’s student size, so every school can afford to be protected with the #1 unified mass notification system in education. Learn more.

Mass Notification Systems for Higher Ed

Public and private colleges and universities keep students, faculty and staff safe with the #1 unified mass notification system in education.  Learn more.

Mass Notification Systems for Government and Business

Get the #1 mass notification system for medium to small sized businesses, hospitals, government agencies, and not-for-profits. The intuitive interface delivers more of what you need, less of what you don’t. It also provides more ways to manager users and data than any other solution. Learn more.

Mass Notification Systems for Sports and Events

Designed for youth sports, amateur sports leagues, and large venues, this mass notification system enables organizations to keep everyone informed with timely cell phone alerts and more. Let them know before they go. Learn more.

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