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The Power of Scenarios… Now Also on the Apple Watch




There’s an instant rush of adrenaline when someone first realizes that a crisis has started.  The mind races, working to process a stressful situation.  There’s confusion and fear; there’s a lot that needs to be done—and every moment counts.

 One of the first things to do is launch an alert—for example, if people should evacuate or shelter-in-place, you want them to know as fast as possible.  For those responsible for getting the word out, this is not the time to figure out how to use your EMNS, write a message, or pore through lists of recipients.

 In these critical first seconds, the alert needs to get launched now.  It needs to be simple, easy, and reliable, even when your heart is pounding.

 That real-world reality is why Omnilert created Scenarios, and our Scenario Launcher mobile app (for iPhone, Android, and more).  Scenario Launcher lets you launch a pre-defined alert in mere seconds—helping you accomplish that critical first alert as soon as humanly possible.

 Today, we’re proud to announce that we’ve taken this capability a step further:  Scenario Launcher is now available on the Apple Watch.

 If you’re one of the 1,000+ current users of the Scenario Launcher mobile app, then you know that you can use it to launch a full, customized emergency response in a single action.  In less than 10 seconds, users can:

  - Notify and mobilize the appropriate emergency response team(s)

- Notify people who may be in danger, using multiple methods at once

- Give specific directions/guidance to all involved, based on the actual Scenario


Now, by bringing the Scenario Launcher mobile app to wearable technology, we’ve made it even easier and faster to initiate an effective emergency response—no matter where you are.

We all work to have perfect responses to emergencies, and we all want our response times to be instant. Perfect and instant might still be years away; but today, we’re proud to help our customers get a step closer.

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