Technology Firsts

Constant innovation to always keep our clients ahead of the curve

Omnilert invented the first campus emergency notification system, and continues to innovate keeping our customers ahead of the curve.

Omnilert’s Industry-Leading Firsts

  • First mass text messaging service for schools to alert students and parents, called e2Campus
  • First ENS reviewed favorably by Defense Information Systems Agency (DISA) Tech Introduction Panel (TIP)
  • First to offer mobile opt-in to emergency notification systems (ENS)
  • First ENS capable of same day setup for live implementation
  • First ENS capable of 30-minute setup for live implementation
  • First to offer opt-out manager to walk clients through bulk registration instead of user opt-in
  • First to offer Auto Opt-Out letting users schedule their own removal from alerts during initial signup
  • First to offer SmartCode technology enabling clients to display ENS functionality on clients’ own website
  • First ENS for schools to integrate with the OASIS Common Alerting Protocol (CAP)
  • First ENS to unify disparate emergency alerting systems into one intuitive screen
  • First ENS to integrate with Facebook
  • First ENS to integrate with Twitter
  • First ENS to integrate with RSS
  • First ENS to integrate with digital signage
  • First ENS to integrate with alert beacons
  • First ENS to integrate with giant voice systems
  • First ENS to integrate with public address systems and fire alarm enunciators
  • First ENS to integrate with desktop alerting systems
  • First ENS to broadcast via TTY/TDD for hearing-impaired
  • First ENS to initiate alerts from a smartphone without making a call
  • First ENS to offer Single Sign-On with Shibboleth
  • First to offer webinar series on best practices in emergency notification and crisis communications
  • First text-a-tip service for schools, called uTip, enabling crime tips to come in via text message
  • First to offer bully deterrent system combining technology with psychology to deter bullies, called Bully-Buster
  • First to offer free mass text messaging service for sports leagues and events, called RainedOut
  • RainedOut is first social media network with no requirement for usernames or passwords for subscribers
  • First to offer an industrial-grade text message dispatch service for fire fighters, called Amerilert First Responder
  • First text messaging dispatch system to integrate with Computer Aided Dispatch (CAD) systems
  • First text messaging dispatch system to receive replies from responders with ETA
  • First to launch a Multimodal Showcase enabling clients to shop for 3rd party ENS endpoints
  • First ENS to offer a character counter for dispatchers to instantly determine proper message length
  • First to offer clients a Hotline that answers 1000s of calls without busy signals or load on client’s telco network
  • First ENS offering instant crisis collaboration, called uConference, allowing clients to create virtual situation rooms via ad hoc secure outbound teleconference calls

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