West Texas A&M

West Texas A&M takes campus safety to a new level with interactive 360 safety communications

Second in the “America’s Safe Campuses” series is West Texas A&M University. Founded in 1910, the school is located in Canyon, Texas, with a second campus in downtown Amarillo. They have approximately 8,000 students, 250 faculty, and 570 staff. The University offers 63 undergraduate degree programs, 41 master’s programs, and 1 doctoral program. The 176-acre campus consists of 45 buildings, which includes 10 residence halls and a 2,400-acre horse ranch.

Two-Way Emergency Communication with the Entire Campus Community

Like many campuses, WTAMU has thousands of people on campus at any given moment. Countless possibilities exist for an incident or emergency to occur, so the need for an effective, quick, accurate two-way communication system is essential.

The school has put in place a number of communication tools that help solve various public safety challenges – which can all be viewed from “one pane of glass” for greater command and control.

The first line of defense is a text-a-tip service that allows anyone in the community to send anonymous crime tips via cell phone text messages directly to campus safety officers. “Nine-thousand sets of eyes” can now quickly alert the school to crimes and public safety issues that may have otherwise gone unreported without an easy way to report it.

The second tool is an instant crisis collaboraton tool that can be launched in a moments notice. This allows the school to bring together key decision makers, regardless of their current physical location, to formulate an action plan and make informed decisions to better manage an ongoing crisis.

The third tool is an interactive emergency notification system that enables recipients of alerts to reply back with a response. This timely feedback “from those in the middle of an emergency is crucial to the quick and efficient resolution of any problem on campus.”

Due to recent state legislation, Texas higher education institutions will be required to have opt-out ENS, as opposed to an opt-in system. A new opt-out management tool gives WTAMU an easy and effective way to significantly reduce the technical and administrative burder of complying with this law.

Discover how WTAMU achieves all of this and more by watching the 6-minute video today. If you like it, feel free to share it.

Endpoints Used by West Texas A&M University

Mobile Phone
(SMS Text Message)
Voice Call
Desktop Pop Up
Digital Sign
Public Address System
Personal Digital Assistant
Social Media
(Facebook & Twitter)
Web Site


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West Texas A&M University

Canyon, TX

Campus Makeup: 
8,000 students and 1,000 faculty and staff across two campuses.

Not only push important public safety info TO the campus community, but also receive important info FROM the community.

e2Campus 360 Safety Suite

The school has streamlined communications with “one pane of glass.” They manage inbound and outbound communications without additional overhead on the safety/security department. Additionally, they will comply with a new state law requiring “opt-out” configuration.

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