Test My Phone

Test Your Cell Phone for SMS Text Messages

Will e2Campus (a service of Omnilert) work with your cell phone or mobile device? You can try a simple test below to determine if your device will receive Short Message Service (SMS) text messages.

If you did not receive the test:

  1. Please double-check the phone number entered for any miskeyed numbers.
  2. Is your phone within service range? Most cell phones have an antenna icon on the display screen that shows the strength of your current signal. If your signal is weak or out of range, please move your phone to a location with a better signal for enough time to receive the test message.
  3. If you have a strong signal, does your cell phone service plan include SMS text messaging? Not all cell phone plans include text messaging or you may have opted-out of that service option, so you may need to contact your service provider to add text messaging service to your plan.
  4. You may not have a compatible texting plan. Not all text messaging plans allow messages from services such as e2Campus. Your text plan may include “mobile-to-mobile” texting, but not allow messages from online services. Please check with your service provider to ensure that your text service is not limited to mobile to mobile text. This is especially true for pre-paid cell phones.
  5. Due to mergers between wireless carriers, be sure to select the working option in the drop down menu of choices. For example, if you do not receive messages when AT&T is selected, then try the option listed as AT&T (Legacy).
  6. Have you set up a personal firewall on your mobile device to block unknown senders of messages? If so, please add Omnilert.net. e2Campus.net, and shortcodes 70359 and 79516 to your whitelist of approved senders.
  7. Some wireless providers will not deliver text messages if your cell phone bill is not paid in full. If you have payments outstanding, you may be able to receive phone calls, but not text messages until your account is in good standing.
  8. If you have been getting text messages from e2Campus but they’ve suddenly stopped, the school you are signed up for may have stopped issuing alerts – contact your school to see if this is the case. If not, this is likely an issue with your wireless provider. Please contact your carrier and inform them that you are no longer able to receive messages from e2Campus (shortcode: 70359 and 79516).
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